We all know the drill: New Year’s Eve beckons and you tell yourself that this is the year you’ll get fit. 2018? You’ll look 18 again! You resolve to get into shape and start going to the gym. And then January 2nd arrives and your resolve dissolves.

So, how can you make sure your New Year’s promise holds true? One of the best ways is to make fitness less of a hassle and more of a way of life. And this starts by doing the following:

Show up and be present in body, mind, and purpose

Exercise is a very rewarding experience if you allow yourself to be present. Not only does it release endorphins (chemicals that literally make us happy), but it increases self-esteem and energy, as well. Add in the health benefits and there’s no excuse not to hit your fitness studio. Whatever your reason for getting in shape, be mindful of your purpose…and remind yourself as often as needed.

Remember that consistency beats intensity every day

The best exercise routines are those that are sustainable. You don’t need to go full throttle 100% of the time. Rather, rotate between hard days and easy days when the intensity is more moderate. If you can do this, you can stick to your program 3-5 days a week, week in and out.

Know that perfect is the enemy of better

You don’t need to master a technique before you begin. You don’t need to have the poise and confidence of a professional athlete to get started. There’s no reason to put your fitness goals on hold, biding your time until you have everything down pat. Get started, keep moving, and improve yourself along the way.

Mix it up

You probably don’t eat the exact same thing meal after meal or wear the same clothes every day. So why should exercise be mundane? Dabble in workouts that focus on all sorts of things – fundamentals, strength, power, athleticism, and power. Mix it up with cardio and strength. Variety is the spice of life, inside and outside of the fitness studio.

Remember the 5 fuls

What are these? Playful, joyful, grateful, thoughtful, and mindful. Create an exercise program with these five in mind (or ask a personal trainer to help you create one). If you can do that, working out will evolve from a chore into a gift.

Vowing to lose weight and get in shape is among the most popular New Year’s resolutions. Designing an exercise program that considers all these tips can help you assure that your resolution becomes reality.

If you’re interested in ringing in the New Year with a workout regimen, we can help. Vitruvian Fitness is located just outside of downtown Denver with easy highway access. We offer the best functional training equipment, a variety of classes, and personal training. Contact us today!

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