New Vitruvian Mobile App

Vitruvian Fitness Mobile App for Smartphones and Tablets We are very excited to announce the release of our new mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android. This app replaces Mindbody Connect and adds a bunch [...]

Special Nutrition Check Up

3 Day Food Journal Analysis For a one-time special offer of $50.00, you can learn more about your current nutritional habits and ways to clean up your eating to help you stay focused on your wellness. [...]

Post-Workout Nutrition

by: Julia Bresner Last week, we discussed the importance of pre-workout nutrition and its positive impact on performance. Now let’s round out our workout and discuss how essential post-exercise nutrition is for recovery and progress. [...]

Pre-Workout Nutrition

by: Julia Bresner The debate continues about what and when to to eat before a workout for optimal performance. If you exercise on an empty stomach, will you burn more fat? Do cars run without [...]

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