JOIN US for this FREE 60-minute workshop!  At the Intro to Functional Training Workshop, you’ll have a complete understanding of what Functional Training is and why it’s the best type of exercise program for you. You’ll learn about:
  • How minor issues can become major problems and how to fix them!
  • How to properly stretch and foam-roll as part of your warm up.
  • What is “Corrective Exercise” and how to use the right exercises as part of your warm up.
  • What are the best Core Exercises and why is that important?
  • Why we never do “Split Workouts” and always do Total Body Workouts instead.
  • What are Plyometrics and Power Exercises and when should you do them.
  • Cool Down, Stretch and Post-Workout Nutrition
You will also learn how training at Vitruvian Fitness is just as appropriate for active adults, persons with physical limitations (like injuries, joint repairs/replacements, chronic illness) AND for athletes looking to elevate their game.
During the workshop, you will move a lot and perform a very simple workout set appropriate for any participant. Although the workout will be very light, do come dressed and nourished to be active.
At the end of the workshop, we’ll outline our two different trial offers that you can take advantage of if you like what you learned. No Obligation to sign up for anything.

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