Social Media Referral Challenge

We did a Social Media Challenge a year ago and it was a SMASHING SUCCESS! Let’s do it again! But this time, the rewards are even more awesome!

Vitruvian Fitness, like you, is trying to become a healthier, happier member of the community. Our goal is to double the number of clients who are on 6-month agreements. And you can help! It’s really simple.

Here’s the challenge: every time you work out at Vitruvian Fitness, spend 30 seconds on your favorite social media proclaiming what you love about your workouts. You can check in on Facebook, take a picture and post it, write a review on Yelp or Google, or Tweet about it. Anything you do will go a long way to spread the word that Vitruvian Fitness is the best place to work out in the entire northwest metro area. If you don’t know how to check in or wonder why we’re asking you to do this, ask!

Here’s how it works: Get points for each activity and keep track of them yourself. On January 31st, send us a social media report. For every person who gets 100 points or more, we’ll reward you with a 4-Pack of Classes or a credit on your account of $50. The big bonus comes when someone you refer becomes a 6-month member. On the day your referral becomes a 6-month member, you get a credit on your account for the value of their first month.

Point System:Social Media Vitruvian Fitness
  • Check-Ins or Twitter mentions for Classes – 5 points
  • Check-Ins or Twitter mentions for Training – 10 points
  • Photos on Instagram or Facebook tagging Vitruvian Fitness – 10 points
  • Purchase Intro Offer Gift Certificates – 15 points for each one redeemed
  • Favorable Google or Yelp Reviews – 15 points

Referrals: Remember! This can be worth as much as $389 to you if you refer a friend who signs up for a 6-month program. Whenever a new client creates their account, they’re asked to say how they found out about Vitruvian Fitness. The BEST way to do this is to choose “Other” and then type in your name. If they choose “Friend,” they’ll have to contact us to tell us who specifically referred them so you get the credit for it. This is worth a lot of moola so don’t mess it up! And your friend is then eligible to earn the same reward for referring even more friends.

Remember that this is a promotion designed to help us grow our membership base and reward you for your help. If you can think of other ways that will help drive new members, let us know! Thank you in advance and let’s have some fun while getting better looking and more interesting at parties!