Performance Nutrition, Hydration, Recovery and Other Interesting Topics

Join us for an evening with Dr. Allen Lim, founder of Skratch Labs. He’ll be talking about performance nutrition, hydration, and recovery for the adult recreational athlete.

The event will be on November 29th from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at Vitruvian Fitness. Click here for reservations (recommended).

allen lim vitruvian fitnessAbout Dr. Lim: While working as a sport scientist and coach for a professional cycling team, Dr. Lim started making his own training food and sports drinks from scratch for the cyclists because too many of the pre-packaged sports bars and drinks that were marketed or given to them were laden with artificial ingredients and literally making them sick to their stomach. From this experience, Skratch Labs was born!

Skratch Labs began as a producer of electrolyte replacement drink powders made only of completely natural ingredients like lemons, limes, and pineapples grown on trees – not flavors manufactured in a factory somewhere.

They’ve evolved and expanded to a product line that includes a wide variety of hydration mixes, recovery drinks, energy chews and bars, cookbooks, and cool hats and stickers.

Dr. Lim is also the co-author of 3 outstanding books on the subject of athlete nutrition. The Feedzone Cookbook, The Feedzone Portables, and the Feedzone Table.