What is Recovery X?

Three Reasons Your Body Needs Recovery X Weekly

Work without rest is a wasted effort. ~ T-Dub

Recovery X is a group class that focuses on soft tissue work and restorative movements.

It’s an active recovery day class that balances out the hard work you do in the gym and in life. The benefit, similar to the aftereffects of yoga or a great massage, is that you’ll feel great, you’ll move great, you’ll feel restored and you’ll be more prepared for the next series of stressors to come your way.

1. Give your body the rest it needs.

In really simple terms, when you work out, you’re stressing out your muscles, connective tissues, and joints. You’re also stressing out your skeletal, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, endocrine, and your nervous systems. And your lymphatic system works hard, too. When you  work hard, your body needs a period of rest and recovery to move through the process of healing from all these stresses. That recovery is key to helping us get better, stronger, faster, springier, better looking, and more interesting at parties.

2. Hit your goals quicker.

Joe Friel, cofounder of Training Peaks, recently said, “It would be better to call your recovery day an adaptation day. While they certainly overlap, they’re not the same thing. Adaptation is the real goal of such a day of reduced stress.” Rest and recovery is necessary not only for the adaptions you’re trying to achieve, but also to prevent overtraining which can lead to illness, injury, emotional stress, poor sleep, and training plateaus.

3. Recover with movement.

Recovery X is designed to provide an active rest from the hard work you do other days of the week. It balances the “fight or flight” with the “rest and digest.” It’s the yin to the yang. It’s exploratory. It’s therapeutic. It’s corrective. It’s like the maintenance you do on your car every 3 months or 3000 miles (except we’re recommending doing Recovery X at least once a week!).

This 40-45 minute recovery and reset class combines several therapeutic modalities to help you balance out the hard work you do in the gym and the rest of your life. We’ll address soft tissue quality, fundamental movement, and functional mobility (think stable flexibility – not just stretchy).

You’ll feel rejuvenated, energized, and ready to tackle your day and your next workout.

Bare or stocking feet. No shoes!

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