What to expect at your first group exercise class.

Each group exercise class has these items in common.

  • Parking! We have an enormous parking lot right in front of the studio.
  • Time: All classes are 45 – 50 minutes in length.
  • Cubbies for your stuff. Plenty of storage for your bags, shoes, coats, whatever.
  • Towel Service – workout towels and shower towels for after class if you need to use our showers.
  • Bathrooms, changing rooms, showers. Yes, we’ve got that!
  • Expert instruction! We have great coaches who love to help people try new things and accomplish great feats.
  • Fitness Levels:
    • Indoor Cycling, TRX Suspension Training, Core+More, and Recovery X are appropriate for ALL fitness levels from beginner to expert. Go as easy or as hard as you like to get the perfect level workout for your abilities.
    • Functional X is more appropriate for intermediate level fitness and above. It starts out at a medium level of difficulty with plenty of room for you to go as hard as you want.
  • Wait List:
    • If you’re interested in taking a group exercise class but the system says the class is full, DO add yourself to the waitlist. There are cancellations to class all the time. The instant someone cancels their class reservation, you will get a text message alerting you that you got into class. If you get the text message, you’re in and all you need to do is show up. If you choose not to attend, you must cancel your reservation so the next person in line gets the opportunity to go.
  • Schedule:  We’ve got loads of classes to choose from happening all week long. Check out the group exercise class schedule here >> https://vmfit.com/schedule/

Cycling Group Exercise Classes

Indoor Cycling (aka Spinning ®)
Here’s what you need to know and bring to your first ride:

  • Comfortable exercise clothing. Cycling shorts and cycling jerseys are optional but many people say the special padding in the seat and wicking fabric make the ride more comfortable.
  • Shoes. You can wear your own cycling shoes or plain sneakers – whatever you prefer (see the “word about shoes” below). Our pedals accommodate standard Shimano SPD cleats. See photo. (We do not allow our riders to change pedals to match their shoes.)
  • Water Bottle. You bring the bottle, we’ve got the water. And if you like to drink Skratch Labs while you ride, we’ve got single serve packets of the most popular flavors for sale.
  • Heart Rate Monitors – optional. We ride using the Heart Zones Training System. If you choose, we’ll loan you a your heart rate monitor so your heart rate can be displayed on the wall with an estimate of what intensity your real-time heart rate represents. The first time you ride, it might be interesting information but not 100% accurate. If you ride with us often, come talk to us about how to get your own personal information displayed accurately on the board. It’s a great training system our members love.
  • Positive Mental Attitude! We’re going to ride hard and have a great time. Be psyched!
Indoor Cycling Group Exercise Class

Shimano SPD Cleats

Your instructor will show you all the features of our bikes and help you get the perfect fit to make sure your set up is optimized for performance and safety.

We ride a bike called the Keiser M3. It was one of the first indoor cycling bikes with a computer display and magnetic resistance. Why that matters is what makes our indoor rides amazing! The bikes’ computers display RPM, Wattage, Heart Rate, and Gear. Because the resistance is magnetic, the resistance is predictable and consistent which takes the guess-work out of changing the effort level. It’s also measurable which means you can track your progress as you improve. Learn more about our indoor cycling here.

Strength Group Exercise Classes

Functional X

Functional X class is a group version of our awesome personal training program. It’s a little more raucous and higher energy but our functional training focus is evident throughout. From start to finish, the workout prioritizes great form and technique and then encourages an individually appropriate amount of intensity. It starts with a dynamic warm up, then moves on to some plyometrics and agility work, then strength work, and a cardio finish. It sounds like we pack a lot into 60 minutes because we do! You will work hard but there is always an appropriate amount of rest built into the workout. And you’ll have a great time, to boot.

TRX Suspension Training 

The TRX is a truly innovative piece of exercise equipment and training method. Leveraging your own bodyweight as the resistance, every exercise challenges a target body-part plus the core. We use the straps (they’re nylon straps, not elastic) to push, pull, press, hinge, squat, lunge, twist and resist! No muscle group is left untouched after a complete total-body workout.TRX Suspension Training Group Exercise Class

Our favorite aspect of TRX group exercise class is that a total newbie and an elite superstar can be working out side by side doing the same exercises and both get the perfect workout for their own abilities. It’s true.

Your instructor will show you how to get into all the different positions, make all the adjustments, and how every exercise is performed so you’re safe and set up for success. It might seem a little intimidating at first but you will quickly get the hang of it. The most amazing aspect of the TRX is how simple and effective it is as a workout tool.

Mind and Body Group Exercise Classes

Recovery X – Pressing Reset

This recovery and reset class combines different therapeutic modalities to help you balance out the hard work you do in the gym and the rest of your life. The 1st half is all about restorative movement, your breath, and your central nervous system. By “pressing reset,” you’ll tap into your original programming in a way that will make you feel like you just rebooted your body. In the 2nd half of class, we’ll address soft tissue quality and functional mobility (think stabile flexibility – not just stretchy). You’ll feel rejuvenated, energized, and ready to tackle your day and your next workout. Bare or stocking feet – no shoes!

Core + More

Core + More* is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a foundational core strength exercise program that starts at your core (literally) and works its way out. Totally appropriate for every level from beginner beginner to expert expert. Start where you are to create, build, and enhance your core and more.


In this class we synchronize movement with breath, flowing continuously through strong sequences of traditional Sun Salutations and standing postures. We are going to build strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility. We also work on improving mental focus through mindfulness and breathing exercises like Pranayama. With a sense of listening and honoring our bodies, this class is perfect for all student levels. Join us and start feeling the magic of yoga.

*A Word About Shoes

You will spend a significant amount of time on the floors during your workout – stretching, foam rolling, planking, doing push-ups, lying on your back, kneeling, crawling, etc. Imagine all the things that might be on the bottom of other people’s shoes – like goose poop (not kidding), snow, ice, water, and dirt. Now imagine lying in it yourself!

Please, set a good example for your workout partners and fellow members by changing into clean, dry, never or rarely worn-outside shoes before you walk onto the workout floor or into the spin room. Even the dust from the parking lot is unappealing to put your face into.

We love the shoes and sandals at Xero Shoes – check them out! Barefoot is cool, too.

What Did We Leave Out?

If you have any other questions about any aspect of our group exercise class schedule, don’t hesitate to call or email us. We want everyone to have a phenomenal workout and great first experience.

Here’s our number: 303-455-0437. Our email address is staff vmfit com. (You know where to put the appropriate symbols, right?)

Looking forward to seeing you soon!