The Eat Well Challenge is back for Spring!

If you are sick of being tired, sick of being sick and sick of feeling like someone else is living in your skin we encourage you sign up for this 5 week course.

During our weekly, 1-hour sessions, you will learn how to reset your metabolism by eating whole foods that nourish us and bring us vitality.  Watch your energy increase, fat melt away and your health improve.

Cost: $95

Dates: April 23rd-May 21st

Time: Tuesdays @ 7PM

During this course you’ll receive support, feedback and diet analysis from our Master Nutritionist and a group of friendly faces who will encourage and support your progress. The class also includes a guidebook of valuable information that will help you transform your diet into a lifestyle eating plan that gives you energy and makes you feel like your best self.

If you prefer a on-one approach just email [email protected] our in house nutritionist to set up your personalized Eat Well Challenge.

Hope to see you there!