Join us for a kettlebell training workshop! Mark Micucci Kettlebell Training Workshop

The kettlebell is a cast-iron or steel weight used to perform exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.

At our kettlebell training workshop, you’ll gain a strong understanding of how to use the kettlebell and the role it plays in a dynamic and comprehensive exercise program. Highly versatile, we can use the kettlebell for total-body strength, endurance, power, flexibility and even rehab to make a significant impact in many areas of our lives – not just to look cool (but that will happen for sure!).

Swing into 2017!  Saturday, January 14th – 10am – $20 per person

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2 hours includes a break and time for Q & A. Come nourished ready for a good workout, snack, water bottle and something for post-workout nutrition (fruit and nut butter is always delicious).