We opened Vitruvian Fitness in 2010. When we did, our mission was to help adults reprioritize, reclaim, and renew their health and fitness priorities after falling off the fitness wagon.

In fact, our founder Tom Wigginton fell off that fitness wagon himself while working in a high stress corporate sales organization that included lots of travel and entertaining. He had been struggling just to keep up with friends in fun recreational activities that he once enjoyed. It was then that he discovered he had lost his way and needed help.  When this realization smacked him in the face, he decided to do something about it. And in the process, he discovered that he could help others who also found themselves struggling with their health and fitness.

After all these years, our vision is virtually the same: To inspire the members of our community to thrive in their complete physical, mental, and social well-being.

Because we’re personal trainers, our work is personal. It’s a little crazy to have to say that, but it indeed needs to be said. In the this age of technology and information, the answers to all our questions are merely a google search away. But the nuance of your needs matched to the pursuit of achieving your goals is where personalization makes all the difference.

All that said, you might be curious to know what everybody is trying to achieve here and how closely that resembles what you’re trying to achieve. Who do we serve and what is everyone accomplishing here? So, we compiled the top 10 fitness goals that Vitruvian Fitness members stated when they signed up.

In order – Top 10 Fitness Goals:

  1. Get strong, get in shape, get toned.
  2. Strengthen core.
  3. Learn proper technique.
  4. Be part of a community.
  5. Consistency, structure, accountability.
  6. Boost mood, energy, attitude.
  7. Make the aches and pains go away.
  8. Training for the rigors of X (X = cycling season, a triathlon, ski/snowboard season, parenting, aging, life . . .).
  9. Age related training – balance, strength, agility, self-reliance, bone density.
  10. Lose some weight. (This surprisingly comes in last every time).

What are your goals? Can we help you achieve them? The best way to see if Vitruvian Fitness is the place for you is to sign up for a 30 Day Trial Membership. It’s a 30 day test drive of everything we do with no commitment and no obligation to continue. Check it out and ask us any questions.