Join Vitruvian Fitness in our first ever Virtual 5K to benefit Share Our Strength’s Cooking Matters.  “What’s virtual,” you ask? Virtual is where you do your own 5K anywhere, anyhow and whenever you want. You can even do it more than once! Whichever way you choose to do your 5K is totally cool. Get your family together or grab a friend and just move your body 5K to raise money and awareness for this great cause.

Why: For 20 years, Cooking Matters has empowered families with the skills to stretch their food budgets and cook healthy meals so their children get nutritious food at home. By offering educational tools and hands-on cooking courses, Cooking Matters makes a difference in all our communities.

When: November 1st- December 8th, 2015. Why the 8th? See below.Vitruvian Fitness Virtual 5K

Where: Anywhere! Run, walk, jog, rollerblade, treadmill or whatever moves you – literally!

How: Register for Vitruvian Fitness’ First Ever Virtual 5k with a suggested donation of $25 to Cooking Matters then do your 5K (3.1miles) anytime within the month of November. Email us about how you did it and how long it took at [email protected] We’ll select three participants at random to receive a fantastic prize from Vitruvian Fitness!

Register: Go to CO Gives Button

Colorado Gives Day is December 8th . . . and they are matching funds! This is the most exciting part. If you create your registration the right way, Colorado Gives Day will match 100% of the money we raise. Our goal is to get 200 people to donate $25 each. That’s $5,000. Colorado Gves will match this
amount doubling our contribution to $10,000. Here’s how:

  1. Register for the Virtual 5K at the link above.
  2. Click the orange DONATE button and enter the amount you’re choosing to donate.
  3. Under Donation Type, choose the button “CO GIVES DAY.” Enter the details of your donation and click “Add to Cart.”

Share: Take a picture of you and your partners doing your 5K and share it on all your social media sites to encourage others to participate with you. You can post it to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages. Tag yourselves and use hashtags #cookingmatters and #vmfitv5k.

More About Cooking Matters: Cooking Matters has been serving Colorado for 20 years, offering short and long-term solutions to hunger though education and providing hands-on knowledge and skills to last a lifetime. A snapshot of their work includes not only teaching the skills needed to make better food choices, but increasing families’ access to fresh, affordable produce; providing information to eligible families about how to apply for SNAP (formerly known as Food Stamps); and encouraging shelters, food banks and pantries to procure and provide more nutritious food – especially fruits and vegetables to their clients.

Ideas: Run, Jog or Walk 5K, Row 5K, Skate 5K, Bike 5K on a B-Cycle or Cruiser, Slideboard 5K (about 2000 strokes at full length), Hike 5K, Hula Hoop 5K, Skip 5K . . . the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Good luck and have fun!