Semi-Private Training is the version of personal training that we do most at Vitruvian Fitness.

In a nutshell, semi-private training is a personal training program designed specifically for you accounting for:

  • your unique individual history
  • physical needs
  • current abilities
  • short-term and long-term goals
  • your schedule

Your program and sessions are then coached by a personal trainer with up to 4 other trainees who are also working on their own individual programs. This is the primary difference between private one-on-one training and semi-private training.

It’s a comprehensive program that starts where you are on day-1 and progresses with you at your pace in the direction of your goals accounting for any and every individual milestone you achieve along the way.

Semi-Private Training is not a workout of the day that everyone does together – that’s a group exercise class.

Who is Semi-Private Training for?

Depending on the days and times you choose to work out, you may be working out side by side with 1, 2, 3, or 4 others. And that can vary every day. It doesn’t matter who you’re working out with because you’re doing your own program and everyone else is doing theirs.

One day, you could be working out side by side with an older adult with a hip replacement, an Ironman wanna-be, a new mom seeking to get back into pre-baby shape, and someone with a chronic health issue – all in the same session.

The next day, you could be working out side by side with a middle-aged adult who is trying to offset hours sitting at a desk, a weekend warrior trying to get stronger, another weekend warrior rehabbing an injury, and an older adult fighting the impact the calendar has had on their life – again, all in the same session.

Our job at Vitruvian Fitness is to design your program for you and then coach you through it. It has a starting point that aligns with where you are on your first day. It comes with objectives and milestones. As you work toward achieving your goals, we observe how well you’re doing and modify as necessary, progressing at your pace.

Is it safe?

Some people may worry about how safe this is. Couldn’t you get hurt? Consider the following:

  • Children learn how to swim in groups even though they could drown.
  • The military trains in groups even though they are learning how to use weapons designed to inflict mortal wounds.
  • Martial Arts train in groups yet they’re learning how to force their opponent into submission – by strangling, kicking and punching.

So, what aspect of exercising in a gym is so potentially harmful that it has to be done 1 on 1? Like everything in life, there are some risks but we’ve gone to great lengths to minimize these. (Including protecting us from COVID-19.)

Semi-private training is not just cheap discounted training.

Working out at Vitruvian Fitness makes you part of a community of like-minded, health-in-priority adults with whom you’ll share many common experiences. Some are starting out just like you. Some have been where you are today and have already conquered their own obstacles. And still others may find themselves much farther from achieving their goals than you are. And we’re all here together for each other.

Curious to learn more?

We encourage you to do a 30-Day Trial Membership. In 30 days, you will get a private consultation / intake session, then 8 semi-private training sessions doing the program we design based on that first session. And you’ll get to be a part of one of the most inviting, inclusive, and fun communities you’ll find anywhere. At the end of your trial, you get to decide if you liked it and if you want to continue with a regular 6-month membership. All the options and prices are on our Membership page.

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Our facility is conveniently located on the northwest corner of Denver in beautiful downtown Wheat Ridge.